Winslow is a new special puppet with mouth grips unlike any other puppet!

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Both the top and bottom mouth boards have soft finger cups which secure your fingers to the mouth board in a way elastic just never could. The cups are shaped to fit your hand and fingers perfectly in a position that allows you to puppeteer for extensive periods of time without slipping or discomfort. The top cup encloses around your middle,ring and pinky finger, leaving your pointer un-tethered to operate his pull cable eyes, and your thumb is enclosed securely on the bottom board.

Winslow has a special eye trigger pull cord which allows him to cross his eyes and an optional ear perking cable! Available in any color with Black fur inside of his ears!

We build Winslow in a multitude of colors and he has many options giving him a number of looks that will make him perfect for any scene. Our animatronic eye unit can be added to Winslow making him the ultimate puppet!

He’s built from the highest quality fur currently being made and is sewn together with a heavy duty stitch so he can take some hits.


  • Crossing Eyes: A trigger that allows you to cross Gobbler’s eyes.
  • Arm Sleeves: Wear either of his arms as gloves and give him live like interaction.


  • Full Body: adds removable jointed legs removable by button snaps.
  • Perking Ears: Adds a trigger allowing the puppeteer to control the ears by perking them up and down.
  • R/C Animatronics: This option adds FULL animatronic eye rotation and ear movement (no blinking on this puppet) includes a 3 ch radio.
  • Winslow sits at 2′ 6″
  • Full body stands at 3′ 5″
  • Arm span of 4′ 8″

Puppet build times are between 6-9 weeks. Express builds are between 5-8 days. Dismiss