People Puppets


Our People puppets have enough options and features to create your entire cast! You won’t find a better person puppet anywhere!




Every person puppet features a 2 part body build, the first part is the head which is removable so that you can easily change their clothing. The neck is built around a wide cylinder to keep a smooth round shape and fit snug into the body cuff, this way there are no unnatural neck wrinkles or seams. The mouth is build with elastic straps to secure your fingers and a wide platform for a comfortable grip. The eyes can be painted in any color and the hair comes in a variety of lengths and colors.

The 2nd part of the body build is the torso with is a hollow frame to house your arm with defined shoulders, shoulder cuffs, elbows and wrist joints for a very natural range of motions and pose able fingers, you can purchase your puppet with or without built in hand control rods. The body is specifically designed to fit toddler size 4t clothing perfectly so if you want to change up your wardrobe it’s as easy as going to the kids department! The full body option add button snaps to the bottom of the torso as well as legs which consist of jeaned legs and shoes, these are not interchangeable but they are removable whenever you need to take them off.

Stock clothing includes a long sleeve shirt and zip up hoodie.

Puppet build times are between 6-9 weeks. Express builds are between 5-8 days. Dismiss