Butch is unlike any puppet on the market today and likely to be the most involved puppet you can get without having animatronics involved in its operation.

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Butch’s basic manual setup includes blinking eyes, ear perking and snarling all controlled manually inside of his skull. Butch’s entire nose, face, tongue and teeth are all carved by hand making each puppet completely one of a kind and no detail is skipped, all the way down to his hand painted eyes!

Butch is built with live hand arm sleeves and a fully posable tail that wags behind him with every movement.

Butch can also be built with our animatronic unit installed converting his perking ears and blinking to remote controls, this option also adds the animatronic eyes giving the remote operator full control of his eyeballs! His snarling and mouth are still controlled manually by the puppet operator.


  • Arm Sleeves: Wear either of his arms as gloves and give him live like interaction.
  • Blinking trigger: Blinking trigger that’s guaranteed for the life of the puppet with hand painted eyes.
  • Snarling trigger: Snarl his lips with our easy to use trigger, this gives Butch the ability to reach every emotion imaginable.
  • Ear perking trigger: Perk his ears up with the simple pull of our trigger!


  • Crazy Eyes: make his eyes crazy! *pictured*
  • Full Body: Adds Legs, jointed at the knee and ankle and removable by button snaps.
  • Animatronics: Adds our animatronic eye assembly which includes the eye unit which controls total eye movement and blinking, includes a 3 ch radio.
  • Butch sits at 2′ 6″
  • Full body Butch is 3′ 6″ tall
  • Arm span of 4′ 8″

Puppet build times are between 6-9 weeks. Express builds are between 5-8 days. Dismiss