can i add legs later?

Yes you can, although if you plan on adding legs later it’s best to let us know so that we can add the button snaps to the body, otherwise you will have to when you ready for the legs.

can i add animatronics later?

We cannot retrofit the animatronic kit to the puppet, the animatronics have to be added at the start of the build because the puppet is basically built around them.

can i wash the puppet?

The fur on the puppet is made from the highest quality faux fur available and is resistant to more liquids and messed. For more spills you can just rinse the fur out with warm soapy water. On more extreme spills like paints, stains and dyes, you can use Acetone or rubbing alcohol, this will not effect the fur, but be very careful not to touch the eyes or foam core with acetone! Do not machine wash.

what do we spray on the puppets to keep the fur in place?

We use a special mix that is similar to hair spray but works on faux furs. When you receive the puppet this spray allows us to make sure that he’s not a mess when you un-box him. If you prefer him to have soft flowing fur than all that you have to do is run a brush through the fur and it will loosen everything up. You can also use the spray “Stiffen Stuff” to keep everything in place.

what’s the best way to operate the ear perking trigger?

The ear perking trigger option is controlled by a nylon pull cable which runs across the top of the inside of the scull, by pulling down on the cable you perk his ears.

what’s the best way to operate the blinking eyes?

The trigger is designed with a hoop that you wear as a ring around the end of your index finger. By swinging your finger up and down you blinking his eyes, the trigger is in constant use while you’re operating the puppet. The rest of you fingers are secured by sewn in elastic straps. For some it’s more comfortable to use your middle finger to operate the blinking.

Puppet build times are between 6-9 weeks. Express builds are between 5-8 days. Dismiss