Customer Gallery

Look at some of these great puppet photos submitted by our customers! Do you have a great photo of your Luna’s Puppets puppet? We’d love to share it on our website! In fact, if you submit a photo we’ll email you a 10% off coupon code good for anything in our shop! Just fill out the simple form below and that’s it!

Aaron – Warren, Ohio

We love Luna Puppets in KidzWorld! Here is a picture of Wag in front of his Pee Wee’s playhouse themed dog house!

Aaron – Warren, Ohio

We are big fans of Luna Puppets here at KidzWorld. We have a total of 5 (there’s 4 in this picture)!
There’s Pinky, HeyHay(donkey), Sunny and Koali.

Mark – Charlestown, IN

I commissioned Luna’s Puppets to create for me a puppet based on Slimer from The Real Ghostbusters. More specifically a puppet of the vision in my head of what I saw when I looked at my old Kenner RGB Slimer hand puppet when I was a kid 30 years ago. This was a dream realized, and the welcome return of a childhood friend. I can’t thank you enough Kevin Gorby!

Diana Von Loewe Cleveland, Ohio

The puppets I just recieved from Luna are high quality and easy to use. Just what I wanted. I can’t wait to share them with others. We are going to be a hit together.

Jason-Brookhaven, MS

I got the puppet package they look great. We use puppets in our children’s church.

Darlene Wilkes County, NC

Here Are The Rest Of My & Your Puppet Family !!! Im Totally Obsessed With Your Creation and Enjoy So Much Bring Them To Life !!!! The Smiles That They Put On People’s Faces Are So Priceless To Me !!!! Thanks So Much !!!!!

Darlene Wilkes County, NC

I Have The Awesome Puppet ” Spike ” !!! A Baby Dinosaur Hatching Out Of An Egg !!! He Was The Second One Produces By Luna Puppets and Designed In My Colors That I Wished For. He Has Been Shown During My Teaching At My Preschool and Also Publicly At Wilkes County ” Little Folk Festival ” And Man He Was A Hit !!!! Everyone; Children Of All Ages and Even Adults Fell In Love With My Boy ” Spike ” !!!!! Thanks Again Luna’s Puppet For Your Very awesome Creations !!!!


Darlene Wilkes County, NC

This My Awesome Monster Puppet ” Lenord ” !!!! He Makes Everyone Laugh and Smile !!! He Was My First Luna’s Puppet !!! My Collection Has Now Grew To 7 Different Ones !!!! So Love and Enjoy Them !!!!


Darlene Wilkes County, NC

Loving My Panda Puppet Named ” Bongo ” !!! He Loves Talking and Singing To Children In My Classroom !!!!

John – Kennewick WA

My puppet (Nelo) has made a lot of friends in Sunday School and even joined me in a mission trip on the other side of the world in Northern Uganda! He loves kids and the kids love him!

Noel – Albuquerque, NM

This is Groddle. He’s my 2nd puppet from Luna’s Puppets and I love him as much as my first (Murf.)

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